Bonfire - Branded + BONUSTRACKS

LZ 2011

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Artist / Band: Bonfire
Titel: Branded + BONUSTRACKS
Label: LZ 2011
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

1. Deadly Contradiction
2. Just Follow The Rainbow
3. Save Me
4. Let It Grow
5. Better Days
6. Do Or Die
7. Close To The Edge
8. Crazy
9. Looser's Lane
10. Hold Me Now
11. I Need You
12. Rivers Of Glory

Members: Angel Schleifer, Chris Limburg, Claus Lessmann, Dominic Hülshorst, Edgar Patrik, Hans Ziller, Horst Maier-Thorn, Jörg Deisinger, Jürgen Wiehler, Uwe Köhler
Genres: Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock

"Branded" is the latest album by German Hard Rock legends Bonfire previously known as "Cacumen". The record holds melodic rock drama at its finest with catchy hooks and easy going riffs - it almost feels like a time machine for die hard fans of the genre!