Bonrud, Paul


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Artist / Band: Bonrud, Paul
Title / Titel: same
Label: Frontiers 2004
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Leap of Faith
2. Phoenix
3. Desperate Heart
4. I've Changed
5. Give Me a Chance
6. Take Me Home
7. Date With Destiny
8. Once in a Lifetime
9. Live Your Dreams
10. Look Me in the Eyes
11. Hollywood Movie Star.

Dave 'Soulfingers' Williams - Cover Illustration, Logo, Package Design
David Donnelly - Mastering
David Gross - Keyboards
Jill Evans - Keyboards
Keith Olsen - Mixing
Mark Dodge - Keyboards, Organ
Mark Hopkins - Engineer, Photography
Paul Bonrud - Bass, Engineer, Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Percussion, Photography, Producer, Vocals (Background)
Steve Wiebe - Drums