Welcome To Discovery Park PEARL JAM

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Artist / Band: Brad
Title / Titel: Welcome To Discovery Park PEARL JAM
Label: Redline Ent 2002
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Brothers and sisters [Smith]
2. Shinin' [Smith]
3. Drop it down [Gossard/Smith]
4. Never let each other down [Smith]
5. If you could make it good [Smith]
6. Revolution [Hagar/Smith]
7. Takin' it easy [Smith]
8. Sheepish [Gossard]
9. All is one [Berg/Smith]
10. Couch T-bone [Brad/Smith]
11. La, la, la [Smith]
12. Yes, you are [Smith]
13. Arrakis [Berg/Smith]

Feat. Stone Gossardat ( PEARL JAM )