Brand New Sin

Recipe for Disaster (Black Label Society)

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Artist / Band: Brand New Sin
Title / Titel: Recipe for Disaster (Black Label Society)
Label: Century Media 2005
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

As good as Black Label Society!!

1. Arrived
2. The loner
3. Brown street Betty
4. Balck and blue
5. Runnin' alone
6. Freight train
7. Vicious cycles
8. Another reason
9. Days are numbered
10. Once in a lifetime
11. Dead man walking
12. Gulch
13. Wyoming
14. Black and blue (Video) (Data Track)

Genres: Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Rock, Metal
Members: Kris Wiechmann, Chuck Kahl

Recipe for Disaster is Brand New Sin's first full-length album released on their own Label Century Media Records and their overall second full release to the Metal Audience.