Broonzy,Big Bill - Blues Archive


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Artist / Band: Broonzy,Big Bill
Titel: Blues Archive
Label: Documents
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP/ sealed/ Longbox

1. Too too train blues
2. Worrying you out of my mind (Part 1)
3. How you want it done
4. Bull cow blues
5. Long tall mama
6. Good jelly
7. Rising sun shine on
8. Good liquor gonna carry me down
9. Friendless blues
10. Mississippi river blues

1. Mountain blues
2. I want to go home
3. At the break of day
4. The sun gonna shine in my door someday
5. The southern blues
6. I can't make you satisfied
7. St. Louis blues
8. Feelin' lowdown
9. All I got belongs to you
10. Baby please don't go