Brute Force - Extemporaneous + BONUSTRACKS

Cherry Red 2004

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Artist / Band: Brute Force
Titel: Extemporaneous + BONUSTRACKS
Label: Cherry Red 2004
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

01. "Overture: Hello"
02. "I love to hear a baby cry: King of fuh"
03. "And now as we get serious: Astronauts / Dockin'"
04. "Sufferin' surfin'"
05. "Commercial surfer Sam: Subway lines"
06. "The sirens cry: The gun / W.A.R. / Bearer of somber news"
07. "The big burp theory: Six interrogatives of existence"
08. "Five minutes for peace"
09. "Dwayne of the upper regions: Schma / The Lord is one"
10. "Growth of hair: Hail the hare / Now you're gettin' the message"
11. "I like to drink honey: The hexagon / The beauty of creation"
12. "Topics"
13. "Nutty, fragrant something to see: I want to say "peace on earth""
14. "Don't paranoi it, enjoy it: The reds are yellow / Thank you all"
15. "Hello"

16. "The world (Bonus Track)"
17. "Tapeworm of love (Alternative Version) (Bonus Track)"
18. "King of fuh (Single Version) (Bonus Track)"
19. "Nobody knows what's goin' in my mind but me (Single Version) (Bonus Track)"
20. "Vicky (Bonus Track)