BT ( Brian Transeau )

Music From And Inspired By The Film Monster

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Artist / Band: BT ( Brian Transeau )
Title / Titel: Music From And Inspired By The Film Monster
Label: Emotech 2003
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU

DVD-01 The Unbalanced Equation
DVD-02 Childhood Montage (Title Sequence)
DVD-03 A Small Sacrifice
DVD-04 Girls Kiss (Hooking I)
DVD-05 Virtue
DVD-06 The Bus Stop
DVD-07 Dark Lines
DVD-08 Turning Tricks (Hooking II)
DVD-09 First Kill
DVD-10 Set And Setting
DVD-11 Job Hunt
DVD-12 Contemplation
DVD-13 Bad Cop
DVD-14 Highest Common Denominator
DVD-15 "Call Me Daddy" Killing
DVD-16 I Don't Like It Rough
DVD-17 Ferris Wheel (Love Theme)
DVD-18 Trigger Finger
DVD-19 Ditch The Car (Selby Discovers)
DVD-20 Madman Speech
DVD-21 Cop Killing
DVD-22 Bus Goodbye
DVD-23 News On TV
DVD-24 Courtroom
CD-01 Childhood Sequence (Title Sequence) 3:56
CD-02 Girls Kiss (Hooking I) 6:51
CD-03 The Bus Stop 9:49
CD-04 Turning Tricks (Hooking II) 6:21
CD-05 First Kill 3:16
CD-06 Job Hunt 1:58
CD-07 Bad Cop 6:05
CD-08 "Call Me Daddy" Killing 4:02
CD-09 I Don't Like It Rough 4:13
CD-10 Ferris Wheel (Love Theme) 8:21
CD-11 Ditch The Car (Selby Discovers) 4:53
CD-12 Madman Speech 4:07
CD-13 Cop Killing 2:48
CD-14 News On TV 2:19
CD-15 Courtroom 5:52

Included as well, is remix parts for "Ferris Wheel", plus some other samples. The DVD also contain a interview with BT and director of "Monster", Patty Jenkins.