Burch, Paul (Lambchop)

Pan American Flash

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Artist / Band: Burch, Paul (Lambchop)
Title / Titel: Pan American Flash
Label: Dixiefrog 1996
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP/sealed

1. Monterey
2. Losers Way to Get Along
3. Living, Forgiving
4. 13 Nights
5. Born to Wait
6. Sage Advice
7. Your Red Wagon
8. Jackson, TN
9. Sundown Is a Lonesome Time
10. Harper's Ferry Blues
11. I'm Your Daddy Now
12. Baby I Ain't Gotta Do That No More
13. Down Hill and Shady

occasional member of Lambchop

Bob Alenko - Guitar (Rhythm)
Bruno Boussard - Art Direction, Photography
Deanna Varagona - Harmony
Elizabeth Tormes - Art Direction, Photography
Greg Stearns - Guitar (Electric)
Hank Tilberry - Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Jason Carter - Fiddle
Jim Herington - Photography
Justin Thompson - Guitar
Kenny Vaughan - Guitar (Electric)
Les Archers - Art Direction, Photography
Mark Nevers - Engineer, Producer
Markie Saunders - Bass (Upright)
Paul Burch - Guitar (Rhythm), Main Performer, Percussion, Producer, Vocals
Paul Niehaus - Lap Steel Guitar
Preston Rumbaugh - Bass (Upright)