Busta Rhymes


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Artist / Band: Busta Rhymes
Title / Titel: Genesis KELIS MARY J BLIGE
Label: BMG
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut

1. Intro
2. Everybody rise again
3. As I come back
4. Shut 'em down
5. Genesis
6. Betta stay up in your house feat. Rah Digga
7. We got what you want
8. Truck volume
9. Pass the courvoisier feat. P. Diddy
10. Break ya neck
11. Bounce (Let me see ya throw it)
12. Holla
13. Wife in law feat. Jaheim
14. A** on your shoulders feat. Kokane
15. Make it hurt
16. What it iseat, Kelis
17. There' s only one feat. Mary J Blige
18. You ain't f***in' wit me
19. Match the name with the voice feat. Flipmode Squad
20. Bad dreams