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Artist / Band: Candlemass
Title / Titel: Tales Of Creation +BONUS-CD VIDEO
Label: GMR 1989/2001
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP/sealed

1. Prophecy
2. Dark Reflections
3. Voices in the Wind
4. Under the Oak
5. Tears
6. Into the Unfathomed Tower, Pts. 1-3: Dance of the Fay/Magic/Entering t
7. Edge of Heaven
8. Somewhere in Nowhere
9. Through the Infinitive Halls of Death
10. Dawn
11. Tale of Creation
12. Dark Reflections [Demo Version]
13. Under the Oak [Demo Version]
14. Into the Unfathomed Tower [Demo Version]
15. Somewhere in Nowhere [Demo Version]
16. Tale of Creation [Demo Version]
17. Interview
18. Dark Reflections [Multimedia Track]