Carr, Leroy

Good Woman is All I crave

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Artist / Band: Carr, Leroy
Title / Titel: The Best Of Vol. 2 - Good Woman is All I crave
Label: Blue 2008
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP/sealed Digipack

1. I believe I'll make a change
2. Don't start no stuff
3. Bobo stomp
4. Big four Blues
5. Hard hearted Papa
6. You left me crying
7. Evil hearted women
8. Good women Blues
9. Hustler's Blues
10. Eleven Twenty-Nine Blues
11. You got me greiving
12. Bread baker
13. Tight time Blues
14. Black wagon Blues
15. Shinin' Pistol
16. It's too short
17. My good for nothin' gal
18. Suicide Blues
19. Church house Blues
20. Six cold feet of ground
21. Stormy night Blues