Cash, Jonny

Johnny Cash'S America: Red,White & Black CD+DVD

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Artist / Band: Cash, Jonny
Title / Titel: Johnny Cash'S America: Red,White & Black CD+DVD
Label: Columbia 2008
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP sealed

Documentary DVD:
Johnny Cash's America
DVD-1.1 Introduction
DVD-1.2 Land
DVD-13. Freedom
DVD-1.4 Protest
DVD-1.5 Justice
DVD-1.6 Family
DVD-1.7 Truty
DVD-1.8 Faith
DVD-1.9 Patriot
DVD-1.10 Redemption
DVD-1.11 Credits
Bonus Features DVD:
DVD-2.1 More Thoughts On Cash
DVD-2.2 "Five Feet High And Rising" From Star Route USA (1961)
DVD-2.3 Home Movies From Cash's 1972 Performance At The White House
DVD-2.4 "Hello I'm Johnny Cash ..." From Shakespeare Was A Big George Jones Fan
DVD-2.5 The Cash Family Tours Cash's Childhood Home
DVD-2.6 The Political Scrap Heap
Soundtrack CD:
CD-1 Come Along And Ride This Train 2:25
CD-2 Pickin' Time 1:57
CD-3 Five Feet High And Rising 1:45
CD-4 Big River 2:30
CD-5 Cry, Cry, Cry 2:23
CD-6 All Of God's Children Ain't Free 2:11
CD-7 Big Foot 3:02
CD-8 Don't Take Your Guns To Town 3:02
CD-9 Folsom Prison Blues (Live) 2:43
CD-10 Singing In Vietnam Talkin' Blues 2:57
CD-11 What Is Truth (Live) 2:36
CD-12 Man In Black 2:51
CD-13 Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord) 3:55
CD-14 Children, Go Where I Send Thee (Live) 6:20
CD-15 Ragged Old Flag 3:07
CD-16 Song Of The Patriot 3:28
CD-17 This Land Is Your Land (Live) 2:52
CD-18 I Am The Nation 3:14