Catley, Bob (Magnum)

Spirit of Man

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Artist / Band: Catley, Bob (Magnum)
Title / Titel: Spirit of Man
Label: Frontiers 2006
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Heart of Stone 5:24
2. Moment of Truth 5:13
3. In the Name of the Cause 4:44
4. Blinded by a Lie 5:03
5. Last Snow of Winter 4:57
6. Spirit of Man 4:47
7. The Fire Within Me 6:23
8. Judgement Day 5:04
9. Lost to the Night 4:24
10. Beautiful Mind 4:19
11. Walk on Water 4:24
12. End of the Story 7:45

Bob Catley (Magnum, Hard Rain)
written by Dave Thompson and Paul Uttley (Lost Weekend) and Vince O’Regan (Pulse)
Genres: Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Pop Rock, Heavy Metal, AOR

On his 2006 released solo album Bob stepped out of the limelight once again by producing major parts of it himself leading to a heavier sound and more diversity. The album delivers with a host of different subgenre nuances carried by Bob's beautiful voice.