Cats On Fire - Dealing in Antiques


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Artist / Band: Cats On Fire
Titel: Dealing in Antiques
Label: Pyramid
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

1 Your Woman
2 Poor Students Dream Of Marx
3 Never Land Here
4 Crooked Paper Clip
5 Something Happened
6 On His Right Side
7 Don’t Say It Could Be Worse
8 My Friend In A Comfortable Chair
9 You Will Find Me Where You Left Me
10 Solid Work
11 Higher Grounds
12 They Produced A Girl
13 Honey Your Baby
14 The Smell Of An Artist
15 Your Treasure
16 The Cold Hands Of Great Men
17 Draw In The Reins
18 Happiness Is Chemistry
19 Stars
20 The Hague