Chatham County Line

Sight and Sound

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Artist / Band: Chatham County Line
Title / Titel: Sight and Sound
Label: Yep Roc 2012
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

Disc 1
CD1 Alone In New York
CD2 Crop Comes In
CD3 Nowhere To Sleep
CD4 Birmingham Jail
CD5 By The Riverside
CD6 Route 23
CD7 Gunfight In Durango
CD8 Whipping Boy
CD9 Rock Pile
CD10 Speed Of The Whippoorwill
CD11 The Carolinian
CD12 Clear Blue Sky
CD13 Closing Town
CD14 Wildwood
CD15 Chip Of A Star
CD16 Let It Rock

Disc 2
DVD1 Crop Comes In
DVD2 Gunfight In Durango
DVD3 One More Minute
DVD4 The Carolinian
DVD5 Speed Of The Whippoorwill
DVD6 Birmingham Jail
DVD7 Clear Blue Sky
DVD8 Closing Town
DVD9 Blue Jay Way
DVD10 Chip Of A Star
DVD11 Let It Rock
DVD12 Porcelain Doll
DVD13 End Of The Line