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Artist / Band: Consortium Project
Title / Titel: III FEAT. IAN PARRY
Label: Century Media 2003
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

III - Terra Incognita

1. The council of elders
2. Spirit of kindness
3. The ark (of the covenant)
4. Lost empire
5. Reductio ad absurdum
6. White sands (California lighthouse)
7. Great exploration
8. Across the seven seas
9. Nemesis
10. Beyond the gateway of legends
11. Terra incognita (The undiscovered world)

Feat. Ian Parry, musicians from Vanden Plas, Kamelot a.o.

Genres: Dutch, Progressive, Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Power Metal
Members: Ian Parry, Patrick Rondat

Third Joint of Ian Parry's successful feature compilation series "Consortium Project". The series produced 5 releases ranging from 1999 to 2011. On this one entitled "Terra Incognita" he works with renowned artists such as Ingeborg Wienten, Brenda Davis, Stephan Lill, Mike Chlasciak, Jan Bijlsma, Robert Finan, Marcel van der Zwam, Casey Grillo, Joshua Dutrieux, Oliver Wrigh, Jacqueline Kuperus, Judith Rijnveld