Costello, Elvis FEAT: Larkin Poe

Detour: Live at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

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Artist / Band: Costello, Elvis FEAT: Larkin Poe
Title / Titel: Detour: Live at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Label: Universal/Music/DVD 2016
Format: DVD
Zustand: NEU -

Region: 0 - NTSC
121 mins.

Elvis Costello bringt seine Solo-Show "Detour" in die Liverpooler Philharmonic Hall.

Seine Klassiker, reduziert vorgetragen mit Klavier und Gitarre, gefilmt in HD.

Tracklisting DVD:

1. Intro
2. Red Shoes
3. Watch Your Step
4. Accidents Will Happen
5. Church Underground
6. '45
7. Shipbuilding
8. I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
9. Walkin' My Baby Back Home
10. Ghost Train
11. When I Was Cruel No.2
12. Watching The Detectives
13. If I Had A Hammer
14. Pads, Paws, And Claws
15. That's Not The Part Of Him You're Leaving
16. Down On The Bottom
17. Blame It On Cain
18. Alison
19. A Good Year For The Roses
20. Side By Side
21. Jimmie Standing In The Rain
22. Peace Love And Understanding
23. Golden Tom - Silver Judas
24. Menu / Elvis Costello / Detour Live At Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
25. Love Field
26. Either Side Of The Same Town
27. Brilliant Mistake
28. Ascension Day