Cradle of Filth

Live Bait for the Dead

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Artist / Band: Cradle of Filth
Title / Titel: Live Bait for the Dead
Label: Snapper Music 2002
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Disc 1
1. Intro [From "Live Bait For The Dead"]
2. Lord abortion
3. Ebony dressed for sunset
4. The forest whispers my name
5. Cthulhu dawn
6. Dusk and her embrace
7. The principle of evil made flesh
8. Cruelty brought thee orchids
9. Her ghost in the fog
10. Summer dying fast
11. Interlude
12. From the cradle to enslave
13. Queen of winter, throned

Disc 2
1. Funeral in carpathia (Live)
2. Nocturnal supermacy (live)
3. Cradle to ensalve - Vietnam
4. Born in a burial gown
5. The Fire Still Burns
6. No time to cry (Doug Cook remix)
7. Deleted Scenes Of A Snuff Princess
8. Princess
9. Scorched Earth Erotica
10. Downloadable screensver
11. No time to cry (Promo Video)