Just Dreaming DIGIPACK

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Artist / Band: Crematory
Title / Titel: Just Dreaming DIGIPACK
Label: Crc 2000
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

1. Heavens throat
2. Transmirgation
3. Only once in a lifetime
4. Shadows of mine
5. I saw the angels fly
6. In my hands
7. The instruction
8. The prophecy
9. Dreams
10. For those who believe

Members: Gerhard "Felix" Stass, Matthias Hechler, Katrin Jüllich, Harald Heine, Markus Jüllich, Marc Zimmer, Heinz Steinhauser, Lothar "Lotte" Först,
Genres: German Gothic Metal, Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Industrial Metal

Although scaring away some of their fans with this album, on "Just Dreaming" Crematory also proves what they are made of and that involves a generous pinch of creativity and innovation. The drums were tuned down in dynamic a bit on this record giving way to lighter keyboard elements that are less creepy than what you might have been used to from the band. From an artists viewpoint this album is perfect as it encompasses both the band's original hard and heavy tone as well as new more melodic aspects. Catchier riffs and welcoming layers of keyboards attract listeners unfamiliar to Crematory and give them a reason to explore deeper into their discography. This being said the album does not abandon the product "Crematory" at all - it is a great enjoyable death metal album.