Crenshaw, Marshall

What's In The Bag? THE SIDES

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Artist / Band: Crenshaw, Marshall
Title / Titel: What's In The Bag? THE SIDES
Label: Evangeline 2003
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Will We Ever?
2. Where Home Used to Be
3. Take Me With U
4. From Now Until Then
5. Despite the Sun
6. Spell Is Broken
7. Few Thousand Days Ago
8. Long and Complicated
9. I'd Rather Be With You
10. Alone in a Room
11. AKA 'A Big Heavy Hot Dog'

Andy York - Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Handclapping, Mando-Guitar, Soloist
Bill Ware - Vibraphone
Blake Hines - Cover Photo
Chris Cunningham - 6-string Bass, Guitar, Soloist
Diego Voglino - Drums
Dred Scott - farfisa organ
Eric Ambel - Dulcitone, Guitar (Bass), Producer
Gene Holder - Engineer
Graham Maby - Bass
Greg Calbi - Mastering
Greg Duffin - Engineer
Greg Leisz - Guitar (Steel)
Jason Crigler - Slide Guitar
Joe Clueless - Engineer
Marshall Crenshaw - Drums, finger cymbals, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Rhythm), Mando-Guitar, Mellotron, Percussion, Producer, Soloist, Vox Continental
Ronnie Spencer - Art Direction
Tim Hatfield - Engineer
Tom Teeley - Guitar, Soloist
Tony Scherr - Standup Bass