Culture Vers. 2 - Live in Africa

EFA Medien 2004

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Artist / Band: Culture Vers. 2
Titel: Live in Africa
Label: EFA Medien 2004
Format: DVD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

Region : all - NTSC
RT: 68 mins.
'South Africa to perform three historic shows origanized by Justin Engels of the label/distributor Revolver Records. Although Culture had performed in many African countries before, this would be his first time in South Afica. December 15th is the day the schools all let out in Capetown and it was the night of our first show. Culture has been the biggest selling group for Revolver for many years and the night was full of anticipation as he hit the stage. The crowd of 10.000 was made up of white sufers kids, middle class blacks and many dreads from the Capetown area. Once Culture was jamming the crowd was united as one people. There was no more thought of apartheid, only a united, free South Africa. Backstage the promoter told me in all his years promoting shows in South Africa he had never witnessed anything like this, people all jamming together as one. This is the true power of reggae and Culture, who has always loved Africans and been loved by Africans in return. 01 I Tried 02 Pay Day 03 Addis Ababba 04 Tribal War 05 Won't Somebody 06 Ganja Time 07 Legalisation 08 Revolution 09 Disobedient Children 10 Down In Jamaica 11 Money Girl 12 Rally Round 13 Trust Me 14 Jah Jah See Them A Come 15 Jah Rastafari 16 International Herb 17 Get Ready 18 Never Get Weary Yet 19 Too Long In Slavery 20 Two 7's Clash Bonus Video: -Riverside -Addis Ababba