30th Anniversary

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Artist / Band: D.O.A.
Title / Titel: 30th Anniversary
Label: MVD Visual ‎2009
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Region: 0 - NTSC RT: 73 mins.
The Men Of Action
DVD-1 D.O.A.
DVD-2 Disco Sucks
DVD-3 World War 3
DVD-4 New Age
DVD-5 Get Out Of My Life
DVD-6 Last Night
DVD-7 War
DVD-8 I'm Right, You're Wrong
DVD-9 America The Beautiful
DVD-10 Fucked Up Ronnie
DVD-11 General Strike
DVD-12 2+2
DVD-13 Let's Wreck The Party
DVD-14 The Prisoner
DVD-15 001 Loser's Club
DVD-16 Fuck You
DVD-17 Behind The Smile
DVD-18 Return To Lumberjack City
DVD-19 Midnight Special
DVD-20 Death Machine
DVD-21 I See Your Cross
DVD-22 We're Drivin' To Hell N' Back
DVD-23 Police Brutality
DVD-24 Human Bomb
DVD-25 Liar For Hire
DVD-26 The Warrior Lives Again

Northern Avenger
CD-1 Human Bomb
CD-2 Golden State
CD-3 Devil's Speedway
CD-4 Poor Poor Boy
CD-5 Donnybrook
CD-6 Police Brutality
CD-7 Mountains That We Climbed
CD-8 This Machine Kills Fascists
CD-9 How Long Till The Day
CD-10 Set Them Free
CD-11 Who Will Stop The Rain
CD-12 Still A Punk
CD-13 Last Chance
CD-14 California Hardcore Last Chance
CD-15 Crossfire