Darren Hayman & The Short Parliament - Bugbears

Fika Recordings 2013

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Artist / Band: Darren Hayman & The Short Parliament
Titel: Bugbears
Label: Fika Recordings 2013
Format: LP
Zustand: NEU, OVP sealed

A1 Martin Said 2:07
A2 Bugbears 2:55
A3 Sir Thomas Fairfax March 2:11
A4 Seven Months Married 2:50
A5 Hey Then Up We Go 2:17
A6 The Owl 2:14
A7 The Contented 3:39
B1 Impossibilities 4:55
B2 Babylon Has Fallen 2:41
B3 I Live Not Where I Love 3:53
B4 Bold Astrolger 3:19
B5 Old England Grown New 2:34
B6 When The King Enjoys His Own Again 1:24