Dave Brubeck / Gloyd / Alan Opie

Classical Brubeck

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Artist / Band: Dave Brubeck / Gloyd / Alan Opie
Title / Titel: Classical Brubeck
Label: Telarc 2003
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU

Beloved Son
A1 Abba Father
A2 Eli
A3 Rabboni
Pange Lingua Variations
A4 Pange Lingua
A5 I.. Sing My Tongue Sing
A6 Nobis Datus
A7 II. To Us Is Given
A8 In Supremae
A9 III. Thus On The Night
A10 Verbum Caro
A11 IV. The Word Made Flesh
A12 Tantum Ergo
A13 V. Let Us Bow Down
A14 Brass Chorale
A15 Meditation
A16 Bow Down (Improvisation)
A17 Interlude
A18 VI. Praise To The Father!

CD 2
Voice Of The Holy Spirit (Tongues Of Fire)
B1 Preface
B2 Full Authority
B3 Witnesses
B4 Pentecost
B5 Tongues Of Fire
B6 New Wine
B7 Peter's Sermon
B8 Silver And Gold
B9 Greater Gifts
B10 Though I Speak With The Tongues
B11 When I Was A Child
B12 For Those Who Love God
B13 Be Strong In The Lord
B14 Benediction
B15 Regret For Strings And Solo Piano