Death Angel

The Evil Devide MAKING OF

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Artist / Band: Death Angel
Title / Titel: The Evil Devide MAKING OF
Label: Nuclear Blast 2016
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP sealed Digipack

CD-1 The Moth 4:38
CD-2 Cause For Alarm 3:22
CD-3 Lost 4:57
CD-4 Father Of Lies 5:05
CD-5 Hell To Pay 3:12
CD-6 It Can't Be This 4:16
CD-7 Hatred United / United Hate 5:17
CD-8 Breakaway 4:01
CD-9 The Electric Cell 4:38
CD-10 Let The Pieces Fall 5:47
CD-11 Wasteland 5:18

DVD What We Do (The Making Of "The Evil Divide")