Dementor / Hetsheads

Art Of Blasphemy / We Hail The Possessed

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Artist / Band: Dementor / Hetsheads
Title / Titel: Art Of Blasphemy / We Hail The Possessed
Label: 2003 Blackend
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU

Disc 1
1.Devil's rebirth
2.The false faith
3.Time for death
4.Waiting for death
6.Requiem to the cursed lust
7.The art of blasphemy
8.Taste of dead meat
9.Gate of eternity
10.The eyes of the beast

Disc 2
1.Intro / Dissolution by catatonia
2.Remonstrating the preserver
4.Brutal exhordation
5.Cast in silver
6.Phlebotomize (Fade away in silence)
7.When the time has come