Deshannon, Jackie - You Won't Forget Me Complete Liberty Singles Vol.1

Ace Records 2009

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Artist / Band: Deshannon, Jackie
Titel: You Won't Forget Me Complete Liberty Singles Vol.1
Label: Ace Records 2009
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU, OVP / sealed

1. teach me
2. Lonely girl
3. Heaven is being with you
4. Think ybout you
5. Wish I could find a boy (Just like you)
6. I won't turn you down
7. Ain't that love
8. Baby (When ya kiss me)
9. The Prince
10. That's what boys are made of
11. I'll drown in my own tears
12. just like in the movies
13. Guess who
14. You won't forget me
15. I don't think so much of myself now
16. Faded love
17. Dancing silhouettes
18. Needles and pins
19. Did he call today, mama?
20. Little yellow roses
21. Oh, sweet chariot
22. 500 miles
23. Till you say you'll be mine
24. When you walk in the room
25. Should I cry
26. I'm Gonna be strong