Dixon, Carl - Into the Future BADFINGER APRIL WINE

MTM 2001

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Artist / Band: Dixon, Carl
Title / Titel: Into the Future BADFINGER APRIL WINE
Label: MTM 2001
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

2002 solo album for multi-talented musician & onetime member of rock act Coney Hatch. 'Into The Future' is a great melodic rock album which also features guest appearances by Steve Shelski (Coney Hatch), Brian Greenway (April Wine) & Pat Kilbride (Ian Hunter). 13 songs including three cover songs, 'Little Bit of Love' (Free), 'River' (Robin Trower) & 'Lonely You' (Bad Finger).

1. Into the future
2. Hot streak
3. Strange way to live
4. Back to where we started
5. Rattled
6. Lonely you
7. Busted
8. Little bit of love
9. Shadow
10. Point of no return
11. Koln
12. River