Dorman, Gabriel

Kissing Sisters

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Artist / Band: Dorman, Gabriel
Title / Titel: Kissing Sisters
Label: Palmetto 1997
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut, Cutout

1. Jerusalem
2. Lucinda
3. Faith Undressed
4. Monkey
5. Plastic Blue Girl
6. Smash
7. Iamgodjustalittlebit
8. Lovers And Death
9. 180 Bloomfield Ave., November 1969
10. Katharine
11. Black And Blue
12. For My Mother
13. Jerusalem (Reprise)
14. Time Will Tell

Gabriel Dorman grew up in Connecticut and began playing violin at the age of eight. He quit seven years later, however, and became fascinated with the guitar. After graduating from college with a degree in history, he moved to New York City and began playing acoustic guitar at various clubs. An introduction to Lili Anel began their partnership and Dorman's recording deal from her label, Palmetto. Dorman released Give That Dog Some Peace, with additional help from Anel's vocal harmonies. Kissing Sisters followed in 1997. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide