Dream Evil

Gold Medal in Metal

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Artist / Band: Dream Evil
Title / Titel: Gold Medal in Metal
Label: Century Media 2008
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Silver Medal disc - Alive (67:00)

CD Disc 1 (Audio live-album with same track listing as "Live Maerd" DVD section)

2.Blind Evil
3.Fire! Battle! In Metal!
4.In Flames You Burn
5.Crusaders' Anthem
6.Back From The Dead
7.Higher On Fire
8.The Prophecy
9.Made Of Metal
10.Heavy Metal In The Night
11.Let Me Out
12.The Chosen Ones
13.The Book Of Heavy Metal
14.Chasing The Dragon
15.Children Of The Night

Bronze Medal disc - Archive (63:36)

CD Disc 2

2.Fight For Metal
3.December 25th
4.Pain Patrol
5.Lady Of Pleasure
6.Chapter 6
7.Gold Medal In Metal
8.Point Of No Return
9.The Enemy
10.Hero Of Zeroes
11.Bringing The Metal Back
13.Evilized [unplugged]
15.Take The World
16.Crusader's Anthem [demo]
17.Touring Is My Life [live]