Dunford, Michael / Renaissance - Ocean Gypsy

HTD 1999

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Artist / Band: Dunford, Michael / Renaissance
Title / Titel: Ocean Gypsy
Label: HTD 1999
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Ocean Gypsy
2. Things I Don't Understand, Pt. 2
3. Young Prince and Princess
4. Carpet of the Sun
5. At the Harbour
6. I Think of You
7. Star of the Show
8. Trip to the Fair
9. Great Highway

Al Daniels - Keyboards
Albert de Gouveia - Reissue Design
Dave Woolgar - Bass, Engineer
Jimmy Hastings - Flute, Piccolo, Sax (Soprano), Saxophone, Soprano
Malcolm Holmes - Booklet Design, Design
Michael Dunford - Accordion, Guitar (Acoustic), Keyboards, Piano, Vocals (Background)
Renaissance - Main Performer
Richard Brown - Accordion, Arranger, Keyboards, Piano, String Arrangements, Woodwind Arrangement
Richard Brown, Jr. - Accordion, Keyboards, Piano, String Arrangements, Woodwind Arrangement
Rob Williams - Engineer, Vocals (Background)
Ross Elliot - Liner Notes
Stephanie Adlington - Vocals, Vocals (Background)