Dylan, Bob

Empire Burlesque/Down In the Groove/Unter Red Sky

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Artist / Band: Dylan, Bob
Title / Titel: Empire Burlesque/Down In the Groove/Unter Red Sky
Label: Col (Sony Music)
Format: 3CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Slipcase

Disc 1 = Empire Burlesque

1. Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anyone Seen My Love) (Album Version)
2. Seeing The Real You At Last (Album Version)
3. I'll Remember You (Album Version)
4. Clean Cut Kid (Album Version)
5. Never Gonna Be The Same Again (Album Version)
6. Trust Yourself (Album Version)
7. Emotionally Yours (Album Version)
8. When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky (Album Version)
9. Something's Burning, Baby (Album Version)
10. Dark Eyes (Album Version)

Disc 2 = Down in the Groove

1. Let's Stick Together (Album Version)
2. When Did You Leave Heaven? (Album Version)
3. Sally Sue Brown (Album Version)
4. Death Is Not The End (Album Version)
5. Had A Dream About You, Baby (Album Version)
6. Ugliest Girl In The World (Album Version)
7. Silvio (Album Version)
8. Ninety Miles An Hour (Down A Dead End Street) (Album Version)
9. Shenandoah (Album Version)
10. Rank Strangers To Me (Album Version)

Disc 3 = Under The Red Sky

1. Wiggle Wiggle (Album Version)
2. Under The Red Sky (Album Version)
3. Unbelievable (Album Version)
4. Born In Time (Album Version)
5. T.V. Talkin' Song (Album Version)
6. 10,000 Men (Album Version)
7. 2 X 2 (Album Version)
8. God Knows (Album Version)
9. Handy Dandy (Album Version)
10. Cat's In The Well (Album Version)