Enforsaken - The Forever Endeavor (Death Obituary Testament)

Century Media

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Artist / Band: Enforsaken
Title / Titel: The Forever Endeavor (Death Obituary Testament)
Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Tales of bitterness
2. The forever endeavor
3. A break from tradition
4. Vertigo equilibrium
5. Dead night, dead light
6. Cloaked in need
7. The acting parts
8. Poison me
9. Redemption
10. All for nothing

Prod. and feat. a solo by James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Testament)

Members: David Swanson, Eric Kawa, Joe DeGroot, Patrick O'Keefe, Steve Stell, Steven Sagala
Genres: Melodic Death Metal, Heavy Metal
Debut album by US American Melodic Metal Band Enforsaken released 2004 on Olympic Records. The album was perceived to be open, lucid and emotionally straightly lined, almost earthy without sounding muddy and is considered to be Enforsaken's strongest piece.