Eyes Of Fire

Ashes To Embers (Neurosis, Mindrot)

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Artist / Band: Eyes Of Fire
Title / Titel: Ashes To Embers (Neurosis, Mindrot)
Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. End Result of Falling...
2. Empty
3. Fly Away
4. Hopeless
5. Down
6. Fear
7. Breathe
8. One More
9. Anyone
10. Shelter
11. Last Goodbye

Members: Dan Kaufman, Matt Fisher, Nicky Bernardi, Cary Petersen, Ben Smith,
John Haddad
Genres: Heavy Metal, Sludge Metal
In 2004 Eyes Of Fire released their hard hitting first full-length studio album on Century Music Records. The sound of the album can be compared to Neurosis or Mindrot and features Cameron Webb on production.