EZ Livin' (Bonfire Early Days IV)


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Artist / Band: EZ Livin' (Bonfire Early Days IV)
Title / Titel: After The Fire CACUMEN BONFIRE
Label: LZ-Records 2004
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. Die For Rock
2. Body Talk
3. Too Late For Paradise
4. EZ Livin'
5. See The Tears
6. After The Fire
7. Rockin' Into The Night
8. Taste My Sweet Love
9. Too Hot To Handle
10. Take Me
11. Hold On
12. Anytime (Demo)
13. Can't Stop Rockin' (Demo)
14. See The Tears (Demo)
15. Islands In The Sea (Demo)

Members: Hans Ziller (Bonfire, Cacumen), Harry Reischmann (Bonfire), Ronnie Parkes (Tango Down, Seven Witches), Paul Morris (Rainbow), David Reece (Bangaloire Choir, ex-Accept), Chris Lyne (Mother Road, ex-Soul Doctor)
Genres: Hard Rock

Cacumen/Bonfire Core Hans Ziller gathered band colleague Harry Reischmann alongside with 4 other competent hard rock heads to produce this masterpiece of a debut album as EZ Livin'. Fans of classic rock, classic hard rock and the scorpions should hesitate no further and grab a copy of this 1991 released gold!