Fang Zong

Crystal Boys

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Artist / Band: Fang Zong-pei & Lin Hai
Title / Titel: Crystal Boys
Label: Wind Records 2003
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

1. Dragon & Phoenix`s Romance
2. Home Coming
3. A Question
4. Age of Innocence
5. Run!
6. Lotus Pond
7. A Bunch of Fledglings
8. Playing with Water
9. The Willows
10. Midnight Dancing
11. Dark Forest of New Park
12. Something

About the Artist
Fan Zong Pei's Highlights:

1996 The winner of the 32nd Golden Horse Awards for Best Original Score Award for The Super Citizens

1997 The winner of Best Performer Award in the 8th Golden Melody Awards for Sound of Amour

1998 The winner of Best Music for the film "Connection by Fate" at the 43th Asia Pacific Film Festival.

1999 Scores of TV's drama: Once upon a Time, A Boat in the Stormy Sea, The General's Stone Tablet. The General's Stone Tablet was nominated for the best sound effect by Golden Bell Awards.

2000 Scores of the radio drama Setting Sun beyond the Mountains produced by Chinese Radio Broadcast Company.

2001 Scores of TV`s drama: Live Like a Man. Nominated for the best sound effect by Golden Bell Awards.

2002 Scores of TV's Literature Theatre: Cold Nights

2002 Scores of The Waves "Sound of that Year's Summer", a nominated short film in Golden Horse Awards.

2003 Scores of TV's Literary Theatre, the feature of the year: Crystal Boys (based on the novel of Pai Hsien-yung.)