Feuersturm Vol. 2 - Darkthrone Dimmu Borgir Naglfar

Century Media

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Artist / Band: Feuersturm Vol. 2
Titel: Darkthrone Dimmu Borgir Naglfar
Label: Century Media
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU

CD 1
1. Dimmu Borgir Chaos Without Prophecy
2. Dawn The Knell And The World
3. Twin Obscenity The Usurper's Throne
4. Borknagar Oceans Rise
5. Lord Belial Black Winter Blood Bath
6. Sacrilege Moaning Idiot Heart
7. Noctes Twilight Elysium
8. Gorgoroth Destroyer
9. Soulburn Crypts Of The Black
10. Witchery All Evil
11. Deathwitch The Ultimate Death
12. Warhammer The Winter Of Our Discontent
13. Nagelfar Seelenland
14. Sacramentum The Manifestation

CD 2
1. Cradle Of Filth The Twisted Nails Of Faith
2. Runemagick At The Horizons End
3. Limbonic Art When Mind And Flesh Depart
4. Odium Riding The Starwinds
5. Mörk Gryning Supreme Hatred
6. Old Man's Child The Servant
7. Dark Funeral Evil Prevail
8. Hypocrisy Evil Invaders
9. Cryptopsy Cold Hate, Warm Blood
10. War Reapers Of Satan
11. Ancient Rites The Seducer
12. Mystic Circle Dragonslayer
13. Rotting Christ Out Of Spirits