Flowing Tears

Razorbliss (Lacuna Coil Bloodflowerz)

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Artist / Band: Flowing Tears
Title / Titel: Razorbliss (Lacuna Coil Bloodflowerz)
Label: Century Media 2004
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Razorbliss
2. Believe
3. Virago
4. Undying
5. Radium Angel
6. Firedream
7. Ballad of a Lonely God
8. Snakes of Grey
9. Mine Is the Ocean
10. Maladine
11. Unspoken
12. Pitch Black Water

Members: Manfred Bersin, Cristian Zimmer, Stefanie Duchêne, Eric Hilt, Mike Voltz, Frédéric Lesny, Helen Vogt, Benjamin Buss, David Vogt, Stefen Gemballa
Genres: German Gothic Metal

Slightly more melancholic than previous works this 2005 release by Flowing Tears enriches listeners with more precision and variety in rhythm and drums while keeping a weenie waily sound to the vocals. There is a hint of industrial on the record, too with distorted guitars and samples filling the mix with noisy bliss - razorcut bliss? hopefully not, the record definitely is not a cut from their performance, so go get it!