Forsaken, the

Traces of the Past DARK TRANQUILLITY

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Artist / Band: Forsaken, the
Title / Titel: Traces of the Past DARK TRANQUILLITY
Label: Century Media 2003
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. A time to die
2. One more kill
3. Acid with acid-Piece by piece
4. Glitches will tell
5. Traces of the past
6. Serpent's tongue
7. God of demise
8. Massive machinery
9. The empire
10. First weapon of choice
11. Blackened

Members: Stefan „Junior“ Berg, Nicke Grabowski, Alf Patrik Persson, Calle Fäldt, Anders Sjöholm, Michael Håkansson, Stefan Holm, Roine Strandberg, Pascal Poulsen
Genres: Swedish Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal

Released in 2003 on Century Media this is the third album by swedish metal band The Forsaken. One album per year and still not sticking to any composing structures limiting the bands diverse drum and riff style. Thrashy yet melodic and somewhat psychedelic even reminding of harder tool tunes this joint is a work to grow on you by time and as soon as it does it embraces and enriches your metal ear for sure!