Franke, Christopher

Enchanting Nature

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Artist / Band: Franke, Christopher
Title / Titel: Enchanting Nature
Label: Sonic Images
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

ex Tangerine Dream

1. Gate of the Shimmering Cave
2. Song of the Creek
3. Dancing over Pools
4. Celtic Mist
5. When the Sun Loves Trees
6. Silence of the Eclipse
7. Stream Garden
8. Purple Waves
9. Malibu Trail
10. Beach Park
11. Big Sur Romance
12. Silent Waves
13. Woodland Watercolors
14. Inside the Cave

Caroline Smalley - Artwork
Christopher Franke - Keyboards, Main Performer, Synthesizer
Doerte Lau - Cover Design
Richard E. Roth - Engineer, Producer