Frishberg, Dave


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Artist / Band: Frishberg, Dave
Title / Titel: Lookin' Good GETTING SOME/LET'S EAT HOME
Label: Concord 2001
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP sealed

1. Lotus Blosson
2. I Would Do Anything for You
3. Stevedore Stomp
4. Violet Blue
5. Old Man Harlem
6. Dear Bix
7. Save It, Pretty Mama
8. Alligator Crawl
9. In a Mist
10. Wonderful One
11. Getting Some Fun Out of Life
12. King Porter Stomp
13. Brenda Starr
14. Let's Eat Home
15. Al Cohn Medley: From a to Z/Tears by Me Out the Heart/Tasty Pudding
16. Matty
17. Mooche
18. I Was Ready
19. Strange Music (From 'Song of Norway')
20. Billy Strayhorn Medley: Take the 'A' Train/Lotus Blossom/Raincheck
21. Ship Without a Sail
22. Lookin' Good
23. Underdog

Bob Findley - Trumpet
Brian Gardner - Engineer
Carl Jefferson - Executive Producer, Producer
Dave Frishberg - Arranger, Main Performer, Piano, Producer, Vocals
David J. Holman - Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Dennis Purcell - Art Direction
George Horn - Mastering
Glen Barros - Executive Producer
James Mooney - Engineer
Jeff Hamilton - Drums
Jerry Wood - Assistant Engineer
Jim Hughart - Bass
John Burk - Executive Producer
Larry Gales - Bass
Larry Levine - Engineer
Marshall Royal - Sax (Alto)
Nick Phillips - Producer, Reissue Producer
Phil Edwards - Mixing Engineer
Rob McConnell - Trombone (Valve)
Snooky Young - Trumpet
Steve Schaeffer - Drums