Frostfall - Dark torments / Beyond the dusk

Final Earthbeat Prod

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Artist / Band: Frostfall
Titel: Dark torments / Beyond the dusk
Label: Final Earthbeat Prod
Format: CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut

1 To the Weirdness
2 My Last Whisper
3 Under the Black Mountain
4 An Oath to the Eternal Dusk
5 A Black Thought
6 The Gates of Souls are Opened
7 Enter Majesty...
8 Intro / A Dark Whisper...
9 In the Seasons of Frost
10 Frozen & Doomed
11 My Soul is no More
12 Winters...
13 The Altar of Dementia
14 The Freezing Winds of Torments
15 Nocturnal...
16 The Realms of the Hidden Dusk
17 Beyond the Dusk...