G.G. Allin Tribute

Born To Raise Head Antiseen, Maryslim, Mobile Mob

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Artist / Band: G.G. Allin Tribute
Title / Titel: Born To Raise Head Antiseen, Maryslim, Mobile Mob
Label: Feed Back Boogie
Format: CD
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'Born To Raise Head'
1. F*** Authority - 69-Hard
2. Bite It You Scum - Mobile Mob Freakshow
3. Gimme Some Head - Maryslim
4. Sluts In The City - Highschool Hellcats
5. You Hate Me And I Hate You - Trash Brats
6. I Need Adventure - Bastet
7. Living Like An Animal - Alley Gators
8. Cuntsucking Cannibal - Sex Sex Sex
9. Gypsy Motherfucker - Big Meat Hammer
10. Bored To Death - Crucified Barbara
11. Violence Now - Antiseen
12. I Kill Everything I F*** - Grand Punk
13. In This Room - Pp7 Gaftzeb
14. Unpredictable - First State Thrill Killers
15. Don't Talk To Me (live) - Ratfink
16. N.Y.C. Tonite - Swedefuc's
17. When I Die - Tattooed White Trash

Kevin Michael Allin born Jesus Christ Allin
Genres: Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk, Country, Spoken Word, Singer/Songwriter, Garage Rock, Art Rock, Punk, Avantgarde

Kevin Michael GG Allin born Jesus Christ Allin is a legend on his own, now add his musical career! Now read his wikipedia article and you'll see how his music compares to the passion of christ. Although any hobby psychiatrist would be happy to analyze Allin it is much more fun to just listen to his dark aggressive break your fuckin face tonight music and the music of his companions or should it say followers. "Born to Raise Head" is a tribute to GG Allin and his life - and it is totally representative!