Gallagher, Rory

BBC Sessions

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Artist / Band: Gallagher, Rory
Title / Titel: BBC Sessions
Label: Strange Music 1999
Format: 2CD
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut, Slipcase

Disk: 1
1. Calling Card [Live]
2. What in the World [Live]
3. Jacknife Beat [Live]
4. Country Mile [Live]
5. Got My Mojo Working [Live]
6. Garbage Man [Live]
7. Roberta [Live]
8. Used to Be [Live]
9. I Take What I Want [Live]
10. Cruise on Out [Live]
Disk: 2
1. Race the Breeze
2. Hands Off
3. Crest of a Wave
4. Feel So Bad
5. For the Last Time
6. It Takes Time
7. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
8. Daughter of the Everglades
9. They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore
10. Tore Down
11. When My Baby She Left Me
12. Hoodoo Man