Gaye, Marvin

What's Going On: The Life & Death Of Marvin Gaye

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Artist / Band: Gaye, Marvin
Title / Titel: What's Going On: The Life & Death Of Marvin Gaye
Label: Universal/Music/DVD 2016
Format: DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

Region: 0 - PAL
RT: 100 mins.
Marvin Gaye ist one of the great and enduring figures of American music. His innovative mix of gospel, R&B, soul and jazz made him a huge and glamorous performing star, while records like "What's Going On" challanged and changed the face of popular music. Yet his life story is also one of personal torment, of bittersweet success, and of death by the hand of his father. This DVD tells the full story of his extraordinary life and tragic death through new interviews with his family, friends and colleagues, re-enactments, and classic archive footage (some of it never seen before) of Marvin on stage, at home, and in the recording studio.