No Good Woman AC/DC

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Artist / Band: Geordie
Title / Titel: No Good Woman AC/DC
Label: EMG 2000
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU

1. No Good Woman
2. Wonder Song
3. Going to the City
4. Rock 'N' Roll Fever
5. Ain't It a Shame
6. Give It All You Got
7. Show Business
8. You've Got It
9. Sweet Little Rock'n'roll Roller
10. Victoria
11. Dollars-Deutsche Marks [*]
12. I Remember [*]
* = Bonustracks

Members: Brian Gibson, Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Tom Hill, Rob Turnbull, Vic Malcolm
Genres: UK Rock, Glam Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock
"No Good Woman" is Geordie's fourth full-length album. The album was released on EMI Records in 1978 and listed new songs as well as remakes and already published works from previous joints. The album has a slight touch of new wave yet clinging to the band's british roots of metal, strongly drifting into the glam/hard rock area making it perfect for both easy and poppy listening without stepping outside of the Rock.