Giant Sand

Is All Over...The Map

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Artist / Band: Giant Sand
Title / Titel: Is All Over...The Map
Label: Thrill Jockey 2004
Format: LP
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

A1 Classico 2:49
A2 NYC Of Time 4:04
A3 Remote 2:53
A4 Flying Around The Sun At Remarkable Speed 3:32
A5 Cracklin Water 4:20
A6 Rag 1:11
A7 Muss 2:23
A8 Drab 2:22
B1 Fool 3:27
B2 Les Forçats Innocents 3:48
B3 Napoli 3:24
B4 Hood (View From A Heidelburg Hotel) 6:20
B5 A Classico Reprise 3:10
B6 Anarchistic Bolshevistic Cowboy Bundle 2:08
B7 Ploy 1:40