God Seed

Live At Wacken GORGOROTH

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Artist / Band: God Seed
Title / Titel: Live At Wacken GORGOROTH
Label: Plastic Head 2012
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed Digipack

- CD -
CD-1 Procreating Satan
CD-2 Forces Of Satan Storms
CD-3 Teethgrinding
CD-4 Carving A Giant
CD-5 A Sign Of An Open Eye
CD-6 Wound Upon Wound
CD-7 God Seed
CD-8 Of Ice And Movement
CD-9 Prosperity And Beauty
- DVD -
DVD-1 Procreating Satan
DVD-2 Forces Of Satan Storms
DVD-3 Teethgrinding
DVD-4 Carving A Giant
DVD-5 A Sign Of An Open Eye
DVD-6 Wound Upon Wound
DVD-7 God Seed
DVD-8 Of Ice And Movement
DVD-9 Prosperity And Beauty

Bass – King
Drums – Nick Barker
Guitar – Ice Dale, Teloch
Guitar [Additional] – Sir
Vocals – Gaahl

The band played under the name of Gorgoroth in 2008 at Wacken Open Air.