Gordon, Rosco

No Dark In America DUALTONE

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Artist / Band: Gordon, Rosco
Title / Titel: No Dark In America DUALTONE
Label: Dualtone 2004
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP sealed / CUT OUT

1. No Dark in America
2. Cheese & Crackers
3. Early in the Morning
4. Night in Rio
5. Girl in My World
6. You Don't Care About Nothing
7. I Am the One
8. That's What You Do to Me
9. You Look Bad When You're Naked
10. Love on Top of Love
11. Takes a Lot of Loving
12. Are You Mine?
13. When Baby Come Home
14. One More Time
15. Now You're Gone

Audley Freed - Guitar
Brad Jones - Bass, Organ, Vibraphone
Chris Carmichael - Cello, Strings, Viola, Violin
Chris King - Liner Notes, Producer
David Jacques - Bass
George Bradfute - Guitar
George Davidson - Cover Image
Gina R. Binkley - Design
Jacob Lawson - Strings, Violin
Jeff Coffin - Brass, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Woodwind
Jim DeMain - Mastering
Joe Pisapia - Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Ken Coomer - Drums, Vocals (Background)
Lorraine Dobson - Vocals (Background)
Mickey Grimm - Drums, Marimba, Percussion
Nate Shaw - Organ
Rosco Gordon - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Sam Baker - Bass
Warren Pash - Bass, Vocals (Background)