Harem Scarem


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Artist / Band: Harem Scarem
Title / Titel: Overload
Label: Frontiers 2005
Format: CD
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3.Rise and fall
4.Don't come easy
5.Can't live with you
6.Forgive & forget
7.All you're getting
8.Leading me on
9.Understand you
10.Same mistakes

Members: Harry Hess, Pete Lesperance, Barry Donaghy, Creighton Doane, Darren Smith, Mike Gionet
Genres: Canadian Hard Rock, Glam Metal, Melodic Rock

With such a huge discography anything can be expected! 14 years after their debut release Harem Scarem come out with Overload in 2005 on italian metal label Frontiers Records. The album is harder and heavier than previous works and also a bit grungy though in an auditory not too demanding way as it weighs out with harmony and melodic elements just the same to play into the bands glam metal role with ballads and dramatic poetry.